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A Roof, a Skill, a Market - 2015 - VFST
General presentation of AVN’s programme

The Nubian Vault: for a solid, comfortable, and affordable home - 2016 - VFST
Presentation of the NV technique for private housing

The Nubian Vault, a solution for community buildings - 2016 - VFST
Presentation of the NV technique for community buildings

(Se) Construire autrement en Afrique - TEDxKoulouba - 2017 - VF
Thomas Granier, Founder and General Director of AVN tells his story

Diakré, the first Nubian Vault village in West Africa - 2018
This film presents the project of relocation of 51 Mauritanian refugee families in a village entirely built in Nubian Vault, in Diakré, on the Senegal-Mauritanian border.

Other videos

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