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A UN-Habitat/AVN Partnership

One year after winning the World Habitat Award, AVN recently signed a memorandum of understanding with UN-Habitat for the implementation of joint actions promoting affordable and sustainable housing access for all in Africa.
This agreement establishes a cooperation framework materializing a collaboration initiated several years ago and sustained by common ambitions.

The terms of this memorandum relate, notably, to:

  • Mobilization of joint resources for the implementation of adapted building projects;
  • Information and awareness of institutional, development and civil society actors for their support to the implementation of these projects;
  • Support to training and capacity building of the supply sector to stimulate market development;
  • Promotion of the Nubian Vault concept through exemplary demonstration projects;
  • Joint organization of national and international events.

To AVN, this official support from UN-Habitat brings a new international dimension to the recognition of the programme it leads. This momentum should generate interest from partners and donors, benefitting the programme growth and therefore its impacts.

Moreover, UN-Habitat’s support in advocacy initiatives should being a positive influence on the decisions of public institutions in favour of eco-responsible building solutions, adapted to the needs of their constituents.

Since 2016, AVN’s Burkina Faso received support from UN-Habitat’s focal point in this country for the mobilization of institutional stakeholders, including the Ministry of Urban Plannning and Housing. This support contributed to the political advocacy led these past seasons by AVN for the inclusion of adapted housing practices in local public policies.

For UN-Habitat, AVN’s programme must be showcased as a successful large-scale example of good practice enabling the implementation of a concrete solution for access to adapted and affordable housing for all, as was emphasized by Christophe Lalande during the Award ceremony in Nairobi in May 2017. To date, in light of the programme growth and its results, AVN is regarded as the leading operator for adapted housing in West Africa.

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