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AVN’s construction methods inspire cement masons from Ouroubonon

Following the AVN awareness-raising campaign, launched in late January as part of the SE4ALL initiative (read our update here), about ten cement masons from Ouroubonon have expressed an interest in receiving training and learning the craft from a local AVN mason.

A team from AVN Burkina travelled to meet them. They gave them further information about the AVN training course and the various offers they can take to realize their ambitions.

Seven of them signed up for the cement mason promotion (PMT). They will have the opportunity to learn the AVN technique by building a vault for their own use. Three more have said that they are interested in the standard training course, and will learn the craft on an AVN construction site.

They all appreciated the assistance of AVN instructors, as well as the opportunity to gain employment in an expanding market. Two candidates will begin training this season while the rest will prepare for the next.

Ouroubonon was one of the first villages to host pilot NV structures when the AVN project began in Burkina Faso. However, our work to raise awareness had not had the success we had hoped. This new local workforce will no doubt stimulate AVN’s activity in the area.

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Meeting with the cement masons of Ouroubonon