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Burkina Faso: AVN at the International Salon on Renewable Energy

AVN took part in the Salon International des Énergies Renouvelables (SIERO) of Ouagadougou at the beginning of May, along with some 30 NGO’s who came to present their initiatives in promoting renewable energies and awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues.

The theme of the salon was « Collectivités territoriales et changements climatiques en Afrique  », a golden opportunity for AVN to make participants aware of the NV concept as a contribution to attenuation of and adaptation to climate change, and the importance of integrating the adapted housing issue into Burkina Faso’s public policies on sustainable development.

Marjolaine Bert, AVN’s Operations Director in Burkina Faso and Boubacar Ouily, National Coordinator, presented the AVN programme during a conference in the presence of many ministerial, regional, and municipal representatives. Afterwards, the AVN stand was visited by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, and by a delegation of the mayors of Burkina Faso, a clear indication of their interest in the NV concept and its promotion by AVN.

Many other visitors – including representatives of NGO’s and other agencies and institutions, as well as potential clients and builders - crowded the AVN stand, showing their interest in the NV concept as a low-carbon sustainable option. Potential clients were put in touch with NV masons, other visitors were interested in being trained as NV masons. Collaborative arrangements with interested operators and engineers were also initiated.

AVN’s presence at such key national events is important for the recognition of the programme at every level. As with the Académie Nationale de l’Economie Verte et du Changement Climatique last December, AVN’s participation on the SIERO meeting furthers its advocacy work amongst municipalities, regions, and Government ministries.

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AVN at the SIERO
AVN at the SIERO