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Construction of the Matam Town Hall in NV has started!

The construction site of the Matam Town Hall using the NV technique was officially opened last week. The building will have a total surface area of 561 m2 and will be realised in two stages, the first, comprising 367 m2 to be completed this season. It is the first of several NV buildings in the NV Fouta Project.

After the completion of the architectural studies by Al Mizan leading to the public tender document, the market was won by the firms Habitat Moderne [1] /Rich Man. This is the first NV contract to have been processed through the Senegalese public procurement procedure - a clear sign of the formal institutional recognition of the NV technique.

The construction site was formally opened last Tuesday by the President of the Matam Département Amadou Djibril Diallo and his team, in the presence of the Rich Man firm and several technical actors. The President thanked everyone and stressed the significance of the adoption of the NV technique as an example for other construction projects in the Region.

The fabrication of bricks has already started on the site, pending the laying out of the entire site and the start of construction. 16 Senegalese masons (including 5 new ones) and 8 NV masons from neighbouring countries will be working on this ambitious project.

[1In 2016 Habitat Moderne built the Maison des Yvelines, an NV building of 370 m2

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