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Living in a Nubian Vault: Testimony of a Burkinabe Client

Last year, Mr. Bonkoungou was the first person in his village to build a Nubian Vault house. Full of pride, he talks about the advantages of a NV house compared to other common types of building in the region.

« Since 2011, I have had to rebuild my tin-roofed house five times, before deciding to opt for a NV building. I got the building materials together, lodged and fed the NV masons, and helped to make the bricks. There’s a big difference between the NV buildings and those with tin roofs, whether in cost, comfort, or resistance to bad weather and storms.
Recently, it has been impossible to rest or sleep in tin-roofed buildings because they are too hot inside. Living in a vaulted NV house is much more conmfortable, because it’s relatively cool indoors. Before, when I returned from my fields under the scorching sun, I couldn’t go indoors to rest because the house was too hot. Now, the only place I want to be when it’s really hot is inside my NV house. I spend a good time there with my family.
When people talk about bad weather linked to climate change, I feel OK because I have a good house in which my family and I are protected from danger. I think I can say that I am the only person in the village to own a decent house. Many other people here and in neighbouring villages come to visit my house and want the same one, even those who have houses with concrete block walls.
Next season, with the help of my children, my plan is to have my entire concession built with the Nubian Vault technique. I must congratulate AVN’s initiative because, thanks to them, my family and I are housed in an adapted and secure building.

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Mr. Bonkoungou and his family in front of their NV house