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Mali: education and rural at the heart of AVN’s programme

On September 15th last, AVN-Mali was invited by the Prefect of Dioïla Circle to take part in International Literacy Day, in the presence of M. Mohamed Ag Erlaf, Mali’s Minister of Basic Education, Literacy and National Languages.

Despite a visible improvement over the last 15 years, the literacy level of Mali’s rural populations is estimated at less than 40% [1]. The lack of suitable infrastructure is one of the principal causes; this is why AVN is trying to raise awareness about NV construction amongst local authorities, as a cross-cutting response to to local needs and challenges (solid and comfortable classrooms, local labour, youth training etc.)

During his speech, the Mayor of Dioïla stressed the involvement of AVN as one of the key rural development actors in the Circle and plans to make funds available for the construction of literacy centres and for the training of young local masons in the NV technique.

In addition, the AVN team had prepared information banners in Bambara, one of Mali’s national languages, to raise awareness amongst as many of the participants as possible. The Minister then asked for other AVN documents to be translated, with a view to spreading information more widely about the NV concept.

[128,1% amongst women / 50,6% amongst men, according to the 2015 report: Enquête Modulaire et Permanente auprès des ménages (EMOP)

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Literacy Day in Dioïla