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Signing of a convention between AVN & the CEMCA-BTP of Boromo

After implementation of the first formal recognition of NV masons’ skills (the VAE - Validation of acquired skills and the CQB - Basic qualification certifcate) AVN is continuing the institutional recognition of its eco-construction training programme in Burkina Faso.

In the context of its project of a « Dual and inclusive Nubian Vault training programme integrating all actors in the professional training sector and strengthening youth employment » financed by the Programme d’Appui à la Formation Professionnelle et à l’Apprentissage (PAFPA) in Burkina Faso, AVN has just signed the first collaboration agreement with a Professional Training Centre, the CEMCA-BTP, to deploy a pilot training programme in Nubian Vault eco-construction.

This programme will help resolve the problems of training and employability of youths in the informal sector through the combined inputs of the Professional Training Centre, AVN, and NV trainer masons, boosting the growth of the NV market through this increased institutional recognition and duplication of training opportunities.

The first pilot programme started in mid-January and will lead to formal CQB certification.

The CEMCA-BTP professional training centre had already accompanied AVN during the 2020-2021 season, by certifying 116 masons at CQB level and drawing up the CQP training curriculum.
This partnership is the start of a long collaboration between our two organisations.

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