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The deployment of the programme in Ghana started in 2014.
To date, 112 NV projects have been carried out for the benefit of more than 950 people, 21 NV apprentices, masons and artisans are active on the market and 1 local employee is involved in the dissemination of the programme.

Country information

  • Population in 2023: 32,5 million (41% rural)
  • GDP per capita: $2,175 (World Bank 2022)
  • Climate: Sudano-Sahelian

Key data

  • 2012 et 2013: Exploratoy missions and recruitment of a national coordinator (VSI)
  • 2014: 1st AVN local team and opening of Bolgatanga region
  • 2015 et 2016: 1st private and institutional projects and local partnerships, 1st local masons and apprentices trained
  • 2017: Regional duplication in Garu
  • 2017-2018: implementation of the IU-IT strategy

Territorial Rollout

Buildings constructed

To date, there is more than 112 NV projects carried out in Ghana for an area of approximately
3,400 m2, for the benefit of more than 950 people. The average annual growth is 2% since the beginning of the programme in 2014.

The refocusing of activities towards the Garu region in 2017 illustrates AVN’s desire to develop the Ghanaian NV market towards rural populations, the core target of the programme.


In 2022-23:
  • 7 worksites completed representing a built area of 161 m2
  • 100% of buildings used for housing in rural areas
  • 3 new localities with at least 1 NV building
  • 86% of sites found independently by NV masons
  • 88 new user-beneficiaries

Update August 2023

Supply Training

In 2022-23, 21 apprentices, masons and artisans including 4 Masons Trainers are active in the NV market in Ghana.


In 2022-23:
  • 21 active apprentices, masons, artisans and entrepreneurs
  • 6 apprentices who began their training this season
  • 15 new qualifications

Training activities: 13 modules

  • 8 on-site training
  • 5 academic modules

Update August 2023

Local partners

AVN’s IU-IT strategy involves strong mobilization of partners.

Operational partners (OP)

Potential Implementation Territory - Operational Partner (IT-OP):
  • El Hassan Charitable Relief Foundation
  • Mihoso international

Relay partners (RP)

no partner listed

Technical partners (TP)

no partner listed

Notable projects and activities

Here is a selection of remarkable projects and activities implemented in Ghana in recent seasons:

Current projects

no project listed

Projects completed

  • Partnership with the Youth Harvest Foundation

The Youth Harvest Foundation (YHF) has been working for 3 seasons with AVN Ghana to provide affordable housing for farmers and teachers, improving both the storage and storage of agricultural produce and the education of children.

The use of local materials for construction is an opportunity for disadvantaged rural populations to be able to build and live in sustainable but affordable housing. As an organization, we were interested in the VN concept because it has a strong potential for job creation for young people.

At the start of each construction, residents often express doubts about the viability of such a building. When it is finished, on the other hand, everyone is impressed with the results.
Through collaboration with AVN, we want to provide a significant solution to the housing deficit in these sectors, by setting up an ambitious project that would include construction / training / awareness.

(Interview with John Krugu, Managing Director YHF)

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